Médecins Sans Fashion / Doctors Without Board Shorts

Médecins Sans Fashion

Do you struggle to be more beautiful? Do you fight valiantly for your inner fashion swan to be heard, to be expressed through the threads you wear?

Does your stethoscope cry out for flashy accessories to accompany it on its lonesome quest down the wards with you?

Are you tired of being normal? Are you tired of ambulating around ambulance delivery bays in the most uniform of healthcare uniforms?

Then let the luxury fashion experience Médecins Sans Fashion take you where no patient transport trolley has gone before.

To be average in dress is to be average in spirit. But to be exceptional is to rise above the shackles of ordinary dress.

Médecins Sans Fashion is the ultimate fashion guide for those wishing to be classier, prettier, more elegant, more dashing than their peers. Because we know you had to be a viciously competitive Type A personality to succeed in medical school anyway.

Take your first step into the start of a new beginning, where a more fashionable, more socially flamboyant you is on its way.

This is Médecins Sans Fashion—Doctors Without Board Shorts.

Brought to you by How To Win Friends & Influenza.

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