Fashion frontiers / Tivy

Médecins Sans Fashion

The common people, the ones without fashion, often like to tell you how to dress, act or behave.

But they are wrong.

They, with their close-minded safety ideals, tell you not to wear open footwear in a hospital because it’s dangerous.

They, with their dictatorial ways, tell you not to sit idly in public spaces during work time.

They, with their autocratic guises, demand for you to stop wearing a medical uniform and pretending to be a doctor when you are not.

They are so very wrong.

We must always be looking upwards, ever gazing to the sky, pretentious cup of coffee in hand. Boundaries are there to be extraordinarily transgressed each day.

Médecins Sans Fashion

Fashion is exciting and new, something to be salivated and hyperventilated over.

Médecins Sans Fashion

But as in any emergency situation, first check your own pulse.

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