Superiority / Desiree

Médecins Sans Fashion

Many people wonder at the success of the Harry Potter franchise. How could a series about a scrawny nerd with a wand become so popular? In what universe did it become cool to have an utterly jealous, useless best friend like Ron?

To address these questions, we must bring our attention to the Hogwarts Express. The answer is, undoubtedly, attributable to the fact that Harry Potter has access to a badass steam train and you don’t.

Médecins Sans Fashion

Another consideration that plagues the ages is what constitutes good fashion.

Is it about the way the hair falls on the shoulders? Is it about the angle of golden sunlight that drapes the face? Is it about fancy ornaments that decorate otherwise bare skin?

In medical circles, the questions are a little more specific. Is it about having the optimal colour of stethoscope? Is it about the exact hue of lab coat white?

Médecins Sans Fashion

Fashion is indeed about all of these things, but the essence lies in a deeper property.

Intangible and rare, the real gem is superiority.

The true secret of fashion is haughtiness; to be above others is to exhibit style.

Médecins Sans Fashion

Desiree laughs because she has a better camera than you. Plus a rather comfortable-looking rug-scarf.

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