Drunken mermaids / Chere, Katherine and Tivy

There is a kind of gracefulness in the loosening of inhibitions, which is just the atmosphere that high fashion demands.

However, not everyone is socially competent enough to be normal in public, in which case some take up online gaming, others join a cult and yet more turn to alcohol.

Médecins Sans Fashion

Chere and Katherine present themselves with all the elegance of a pair of drunken mermaids—or perhaps they are stoned. More careful forensic examination of their coffee cups would be needed to determine this.

Médecins Sans Fashion

Tivy squats nearby in silent exasperation as she is the designated responsible one, mainly because she can’t afford any recreational substances since she is poor and works in the arts. A plant broke through the floor of her derelict shanty again and she had to spend her savings on restoration fees.

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