Summer style / Chamara

Médecins Sans Fashion

Freshness is royalty—or at least the closest to aristocracy a mere commoner can hope to achieve without assassinating someone very important and having to construct an elaborate escape plan to avoid being arrested for life. Though some would say Mexico is a good feature to have in such a proposed arrangement.

Synchronisation with the season has a two-fold effect. Firstly, it shows you’re not a perennially disoriented doomsday hermit who only exits their parents’ basement every few months to buy more canned goods, tin foil and spare batteries. Secondly, it separates you from misclassification as a tramp who sports all of the style of a grunting hippopotamus that has just rolled in fresh mud.

Médecins Sans Fashion

Chamara models in a fresh summer collection that is markedly different from his previous winter outfits, which you can find here and here. He wears a Dolce & Gabbana black T-shirt ($745), Burberry jeans ($612) and fake Cartier sunglasses ($2.50).

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